Adding Stone Veneer Landscaping Project

At the beginning of the year my family moved into a new home, and with that came our backyard landscaping project. We decided to hire Renovations Landscaping to complete our backyard and they did an amazing job! Part of our landscaping design had a retention/sitting wall around our patio. To save on cost (about $1800), we told the landscaping company to build the wall but that we would do the stone veneer ourselves … how hard can it be, right?

So that was our weekend project. I went over to Sunset Stone, conveniently located in Castle Rock, and bought the stone veneer – they had a great selection and great prices. Then headed over to Lowe’s to buy the necessary materials. My wife and I watched a few YouTube videos (check out this one from Quikcrete) to get instructions on how to do this, and then we got started.

First … this is a messy job! So get ready to get dirty!

Second … don’t over think the placement of the stones. After the first 2 hours of trying to get everything perfect and not having much success getting the stones to stay put or line up, we had to take a sanity break! We were about 2 minutes away from hiring someone to complete the job, but we re-watched some videos, took a deep breath and got our confidence back 🙂 When we got back to it and stopped over thinking each part of the process it went a lot smoother and we actually had fun!

This is a whole weekend project, so make sure you plan accordingly. Friday afternoon we prepped the wall, all day Saturday we laid the stone and started some of the grouting and Sunday afternoon we finished the grouting. We still have a little touch up to go, but for a weekend of our time and about $900 we got exactly what we were looking for! Here is our before and after pictures … if you’re inspired and need some more details on this adventure my wife & I took don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

IMG_1717 IMG_1718

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