Castle Rock’s Castle of Terror

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Castle Rock’s Castle of Terror

For the price of $10 per person, my family and I visited Castle Rock’s creepy haunted house, the Castle of Terror. While waiting in line to enter, we were greeted by two scary (yet hysterical) clowns dragging baby dolls on leashes. As they heckled and spooked members of the crowd, they prepared us for what was to come inside the “castle”. The fire department’s training tower was completely transformed into a terrifying maze that allowed us to travel into our worst nightmares.  We were lead inside by a skeleton and were, then, greeted by creepy clowns, ghosts, asylum residents, and people with chainsaws! We were eventually lead outside and into a shipping crate, where we came face to face with a creepy girl in white.


This was a truly thrilling experience, and their were surprises around every corner.  Our fire department utilized the limited space extremely well, creating haunts throughout the multi-level tower and, even, outside. The actors were very committed to their jobs; they seemed to love what they were doing and tried to give people a good scare. They did, however, respect personal boundaries and never took their tactics too far. Though I wouldn’t recommend the Castle of Terror for young children and those who scare easily, this is the perfect attraction for thrill-seekers and people who love being spooked on Halloween.

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