Parking for Castle Rock Starlighting

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Parking for Castle Rock Starlighting

Parking for the annual Castle Rock Starlighting has become a little more of an obstacle over the years as the Town of Castle Rock continues to grow and their Starlighting event becomes more popular. We moved to Castle Rock 13 years ago and I still remember our first Starlighting (parking was not as much as a challenge back then).

While the town has clearly grown, the festivities remain the same or only get better! Sure – there are a lot of people, but this beautiful town we call home still shows off it’s small town charm especially at this event and the events they host throughout the year!

It is our family’s favorite event even though parking is a little crazier! So where should you park?

Well – if you get there early, the best parking has always been by the Douglas County School District building and the surrounding side streets. The event goes from 2pm – 7pm, but the actual star lighting ceremony doesn’t start until around 5p. The star will be lit around 5:30pm followed by fireworks and then the festivities continue until 7p.

The Town is offering shuttle rides, which may be convenient if you don’t mind letting someone else drive! See below for those details:

Free Shuttle Rides: 1:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Back North Lot (5254 N Meadows Dr.)

South Bldg. (2842 Front Street)

Lot 5 (500 Fairgrounds Drive)

There is the also the parking garage at 3rd & Jerry — the only bad thing about this lot is that it’s hard to get out of when everyone is trying to leave at the same time.

Our personal favorite is to park by the Keller Williams Realty office at 140 S Wilcox Street (probably more commonly known as the Douglas County Library parking lot)! Don’t get me wrong, this lot will fill up, but it’s usually the last one to fill. If that one is full you can also look for spots by the Safeway parking lot.

Our last bit of advice would be not to rush out of there after the starlighting … unless you want to sit in traffic! Last year we parked by our Keller Williams office and then after the starlighting headed over to El Korito Mexican Restaurant next to our office to wait out the crowd! The food was great and we got to enjoy some more time with family and friends before rushing back home!

Enjoy the Starlighting and the time with your family and friends this holiday season!



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