3 Steps to Set You Up for a Successful Home Purchase

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There are three critical steps every home buyer should take in order to have a successful transaction. We will go over those steps today.

Buying a home is a big financial decision, whether it’s your first, second, or 10th home. Buying a home is not like buying a car. When you buy a car, you walk around the dealership, pick a car, and go for a test drive. Then you talk to the finance manager to purchase the car, sign some papers, and drive off the lot within a couple of hours.

Buying a home is an entirely different process that definitely takes longer than a couple of hours. We talk to buyers every week who want us to show them houses before they even meet with us face to face! Then, after they find the home they want to purchase, they get frustrated because they were not set up for success.


Our team wants to make your real estate dreams a reality. In order to do that effectively, there are three important steps that you need to take. The good news is that, as a buyer, you can work with a Realtor at no cost to you.

So, what are the first three steps you should take in order to have a successful home purchase? Here they are:

1. Make the call. Give us a call and we’ll talk about your motivation and current situation. You may want to buy something this month or in 12 months. However, don’t wait 12 months to start planning your home purchase. Start now so that you are ready when the time comes to make your move.

2. Speak with a mortgage lender. We have a deep network of lenders that we trust who can help you determine how much home you can afford. They will help you find a loan that fits your budget and your timeline. Now, talking to a lender does not mean that your credit will be pulled right away. Your credit will only be pulled when it comes time for the pre-approval process to begin.

3. Have a face to face consultation with us. The buyer consultation gives you and our team a chance to get to know each other. After all, if you hire us to guide you through the process of buying a home, it’s important that you like and trust us. During this meeting, we will go over the home buying process so that you will know exactly what to expect.

These three steps are critical in helping you meet your goals. If you have any other questions about the home buying process or about the real estate market in general, give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!

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