Should Homeowners Trust Zillow?

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People always ask my opinion of online evaluation sites and their accuracy. It’s important to know most online evaluation sources use basic algorithms with generalized information to estimate home values. It’s that simple! Often, Zillow estimates are off by 5% to 15%.
The best way to price a home is to closely analyze everything about it. Looking at a home physically also helps, too. Zillow cannot actually go into a home to examine the property and analyze certain factors. A website can’t tell you how living next to a garbage dump affects your home value. If you use online valuation sites, refer to them as a starting point. They’re a resource for anyone beginning their search.

However, a professional Realtor can provide a comprehensive analysis. I do it for free all the time. If you’re interested in more information about buying a home in Colorado, just ask. I’m happy to help you by phone phone or email! Let’s talk.

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